Monday, 23 February 2015


(I missed watching this film in the theater and saw it only now)

Bottomline : A small film with a big heart which, despite being repetitive in the middle portions, manages to strike a chord with the viewers on account of its sheer sincerity.

Review: It is unfortunate that a major chunk of Sulemani Keeda's meagre collections came from online viewing rather than from the box-office due to its release in only a limited number of theatres. It is a story about two young writers struggling to make their way into the Bollywood industry and convince a producer to launch their script. They're rejected each time, but that doesn't make them shy away from flaunting their witty poems and one-liners when they're busy hanging out with girls in search to fulfil every boy's need.

Now director Amit Masurkar isn't particularly inclined to display how determined our protagonists are to make it big. Instead, he adopts a lighter and a more relatable tone to tell their story. While the two leads are terrific, it is Aditi Vasudev (the girl who played Rishi Kapoor's daughter in Do Dooni Chaar), as the independent photographer, who walks away with the film's best role, delivering a calculated performance whose greatness lies in its ordinariness. The real hero of the film, however, is the smart dialogue which keep the film afloat even during the dull middle portions of the film.

I'm going with 3/5. If you haven't watched it yet, make some time, 90 minutes to be precise, for it. It is refreshing, devoid of pretenses and very likeable. After all, good things do come in small packages.  

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  1. I havnt watched it yet...might have not bothered too may b perse if i wud stumble upon it for uncanny reasons....but now that the review has hiked my interest. ...n also it is about writers..... den i must make a move asap...... wonderfully critiqued!!!