Saturday, 14 February 2015


Bottomline : Arjun Rampal, in the film, apparently suffers from a writer's block. Quite similar to the plight of the writers of Roy I would say. A Tale of Torture.

Review: I learn from sources that the friendship between debutant director Vikramjit Singh and Ranbir Kapoor dates back to their college days. If that is true, Roy is a perfect example of the extent to which a friend can degrade himself for another, even if it is as dull a script as Roy. In fact, Ranbir has been assigned such a thankless role that you let out a long sigh of despair everytime he appears on screen.  I can bet! No one had their heart in this film. They wear the same tired, worn out look throughout the film as if going through an ordeal. Here the actors don't deliver dialogues. They just mumble.

The icing on the cake is the pace of the film. Long moments of silence, insignificant scenes cropping up here and there, and choppy editing only add to the misery of a film already overburdened by callous, insensitive direction which alienate the audiences further. In fact, the movie is so boring that even cars appear to be moving slowly on the streets. The dialogues are laughable to say the least and can only be enjoyed with a group of friends or in an inebriated state. The characters in the story keep seeking answers to questions. But for me the most troubling questions are; Did any of the actors read the script before signing up? If they did, then what made them agree to be a part of this dull, unimaginative and sleep-inducing film?

I'm going with 0/5 and two big thumbs down to Vikramjit Singh's debut film Roy. Even being a die-hard fan of Ranbir doesn't qualify you for watching this film. Pick up any of the recent bad films, Roy rises above all and emerges as the worst film made in living memory. 


  1. Nice review man..saved me a 100 bucks..Lol

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  3. Excellent review style and delivery of thoughts.... way to go buddy!